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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kiss Scandal and Gossips

After few days of their separation many websites have publishe some intimate kissing photos of the couple which were taken using a camera with self-timer. These photos seem to be very private and taken when the pair was going strong in their relationship. Initially the images were just limited to websites and emails but all of a sudden a leading Tamil daily released those intimate pictures and the news paper were sold out in no time..!!

# Nayantara reacted immediately and said: ‘I am sure Simbu has a hand in releasing those pictures to the media. Simbu has shown his true colors without even considering that I am a girl and have a future. He had taken quite a few pictures of mine while we were dating and claimed that he had deleted them.’

# Simbu didnt utter a word about it and was reportedly busy with his next project. His mobile was switched off and his father stated that the images are morphed and it was not his son. Even Simbu friends were unaware of his whereabouts..!!

# In the interest of both the stars it will be good if the pictures like this do not spread in future. Both the stars have very good future in film industry and lets hope that they dont spoil it by doing such unwanted controversies.

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