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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Simbu and Nayantara Broke Up

Nayanthara made the entire world know that she was in love with Simbu and she did the same when she was severing all her ties with Simbu, she was bold enough to declare that she broke up with Simbu once for all.

# It was said that their relation was deteriorating during the shooting of Vallavan. It was reported that Simbu started giving more importence (!!) to his another co-star Reemasen. Which was unbearable for Nayanthara and she decided to break break their relation.

# When lovers break up, they usually drown in misery for a few months. But it is completely different as far as Simbu and Nayantara is concerned. It was reported that on her birthday Nayantara was shooting in Hyderabad for a Telugu film and during the birth day celebration she said: “My breaking off with Simbu is the best birthday gift for me. I will put my relationship with him behind me as a bad dream and start a new life. That’s why I want to celebrate grandly.”

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