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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Simbu and Nayanthara in Love

The whole tamil film industry was watching this hot couples when both of them declared themself to be in love with each other. It was Nayanthara whose first admitted to be love with him. There relationship got strengthed during the shooting of ‘Vallavan’, it was then that the couple fell in love..!!

# Simbu simply didn’t accept it so easily. At last he said: “What should I say about my heroines? Everyone has been co-operative and kind. Trisha was a good friend to me and so was Jyothika and Rakshitha. But there is something special about Nayan. We vibe well and she speaks my mind. Whenever I see her, my heart jumps. I don’t know whether this is friendship or something beyond it. Surely, it must be beyond friendship because I have never felt this way any time in my life with other girls.”

# He didnt even accepted the relation openly he said: “If I were in love with her, I would have told you. I am a transparent guy and I don’t believe in hiding things. I would have told my father too. At home, I have no problems. If I show a girl to my daddy and say I want to marry her, my daddy would be the first person to say yes. We are more like friends than father and son.”

# But they were filling the gossip columns of local tabloids for months together..!! It was a open secret known to the whole film industry that they were in love, though Simbu didnt confirmed it in plain words.
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